we’re listening to the radio in class and amnesia came on and this guy was like “why would u wanna wake up with amnesia?” and this other guy was like “to forget about the stupid little things bro”



8/28/14 what a great day to be alive

You need to stop. Go talk to your mom, or possibly jesus

are you serious right now? it was literally sarcasm because my entire dash and twitter feed was calum’s dick and people freaking out about it. when i first found out, i was devastated because i could only imagine how bad calum was gonna feel when he came online and then i realized it was a international trend on twitter and it literally broke my heart. although he played if off like no big deal, he was probably so crushed and embarrassed.  he just had his personal and private things literally blasted in front of more than a million people. he trusted this person so much to send private videos and probably pictures to her.  i love calum so much. i seriously didn’t mean to offend anyone and to the person who added a comment to my post, i don’t condone this and it wasn’t my attention to drag it out. but thanks for letting me know, i should’ve explained myself. i’m sorry.

8/28/14 what a great day to be alive

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tbh if i was hot, the chances of me becoming a slut would increase by about idk 800%


ashton is me


how to deal with nudes getting leaked: a book by 5sos


Becoming a cold hearted bitch wasn’t really what I planned to do with my life but here I am